Kendrick Lamar 2

Details & Photos Revealed – Kendrick Lamar’s Surprise Concert that the Cops Shutdown!

Three weeks ago, videos of a Kendrick Lamar concert that got shut down by the cops surfaced on Youtube.  They were all taken by camera phones and posted by fans.  We found out today that it was part of Yahoo’s Crash Concert series, which explains the huge Yahoo logo on the side of the Double Decker bus the young rapper performed on top of.

After a Lakers game at the Staples center, K-Dot sent a tweet out about a secret concert that was going down.  The location would be at the corner of 12th and Figueroa.

The power of social media was alive and well.  The streets were packed with fans ready for a free concert.  Lamar, excited at the opportunity to perform in such a unique setting came correct.  The 25 year old rapper was on top of a double decker bus that was wired for sound at least until the police un-wired it. 




Before the crowd got out of control and he police swept in, he was able to get through the two singles released for his new album “Swimming Pools” and “The Recipe” .  The concert happened the night before the release of Good Kid, M.A.A.D City so it was a win for Lamar and Yahoo.

The crowd, as you can see from the photos was controlled but the numbers grew to proportions that violated city ordinances and the police shut the concert down.

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City has sold over 340,000 copies in only three weeks.  Here is the yahoo produced video of the concert. Yahoo was not kidding when they say “Crash Concerts”