Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson Release Two Sexy Teaser Videos for Her Single Cake

I’ve never been a huge Gaga fan, but I’m a fan of these teaser trailers.  I love how Gaga goes on this Pro-Fat rant after she gains weight and embarrasses herself on stage in costumes that are two sizes two small.  The 5 ft 1inch songstress admitted that she gained 25 pounds.

Then she secretly drops the pounds and hits twitter with pictures showing off her curves telling her fans she battle bulimia and that it’s ok to embrace your body.  Then further slims down, and possibly did some squats (her butt is looking right) show she can make teaser trailers like these.

Remember when Tyra Banks pulled the same stunt on her fans.  After Paparazzi caught her fat on the beach she went on a crusade for self image and then quickly shed the pounds.

Here is Lady Gaga’s two teaser trailers…she might have a bunch of new fans after these….


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