Is Kate Middleton Finally Pregnant? Ex-Roomate Jessica Hay Spills the Beans.

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton married back in April 2001 there have been several false reports about Kate possibly being pregnant.

This rumor is a little different.  It has come from a reliable source and that source goes by the name of Jessica Hay.

The little snitch who used to be Kate’s roommate claims to still be one of her closest friends.  During an interview for “New Idea” magazine Jessica does everything but tell us what sex the baby will be.  She tells the magazine,

“They’re planning to make an announcement in December. William and Kate are focused on starting a family,”

She also says

“It seems very traditional, but of course they’ll be happy with boys or two girls, they don’t want more, They’ve discussed it endlessly and don’t want to be older parents.”

Sources say that Hay was one of the first to know when Kate was engaged and it’s rumored that she made a fair amount selling stories about the Royal couple to magazines so there could certainly be some truth here.  Only time will tell. Recent photos suggest slight weight gain, or maybe a lunch burrito?



I’ve learned the hard way; never ask a lady if she’s pregnant unless you can see the top of the baby’s head.

Kate Middleton’s Net Worth: $1 Million

Prince Williams’ Net Worth: $40 Million