Photo Results of Halle Berry’s Baby’s Daddy As Whoopin. Shocking Gabriel Aubry Photos Revealed.

Aubry says that he was the one attacked in Halle Berry’s driveway on Thanksgiving Day.  He says that Martinez walked up to his car knocked him down and slammed his head on the driveway.  While he was viciously beating Aubry, he was yelling that the custody battle was costing them $3 million.

Aubry says that after the beating, Martinez said they were calling the cops,

‘We called the cops. You’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.’

We will hopefully get to the bottom of things if the cops are able to get a hold of he security footage.  Aubry says

‘I told the officers that [Martinez] was the one who attacked me, and repeatedly told them to get the security tapes from Ms. Berry’s security cameras before she and Mr. Martinez deleted them.’

Here are the brutal photos of he beat down.  Yikes!