How bad was Slick Rick’s Halftime Performance at the Barclay’s Center? So Bad he was Trending on Twitter!

For two days I kept hearing how bad it was.  I heard it from hot 97, I heard it on Facebook, but I kept thinking to myself, even a bad Slick Rick is a good Slick Rick.

I saw a bad Rob Bass last year and he wasn’t that bad.  He did “It Takes Two” and “Joy and Pain” and had the whole place rocking.  He was high as f*ck, a little off beat but still had the entire place on their feet.

If Rob Bass can do that with his two hits, then Slick Rick the Ruler can do the same… I thought.

Fed up with all the smack talk, I decided to hit Youtube and see for myself.  Wow.

It was and is that bad.  He seems drunk, old and uninterested in being there. It’s more sad then anything. 

However, Slick Rick is ours.  He belongs to hip hop so we can talk about him and no one else.  Just like I can call my sister a bitch but the second someone else does, there is going to be a problem.  That’s exactly what happened on Twitter.

Frank Isola the Knicks Beat writer for the NY Times was there in the front row for the performance.  He questioned Rick’s place in hip hop on twitter and caught the verbal twitter lashing that comes with ignorant statements these days. Isola posted,

Isola was not concerned with the tweeters and kept the Slick Rick jabs coming:

It must be nice to get paid to sit courtside and talk sh*t. Nothing like getting paid to sit in your pj’s and type sh*t.

What you are about to see, is literally the death of Slick Rick as we knew him. I call this clip, “From Slick Rick to Old Richard”