Joe Jackson, the father of deceased pop star Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson Suffers Another Stroke. Third one in Five Years.

It’s almost as if this isn’t really news now.  I received 30 messages that the legendary bad ass Joe Jackson had a stroke.  At 83 years old, I would expect him to be near death, but not Joe.

This is said to be his third stroke in 5 years and this one, like the others is being labeled mild.  “Mild Stroke is almost an oxymoron but the fact that Jackson is expected to be back home from the hospital today indicates he severity.  A source close to Joe Jackson said,

“He’s in ‘serious’ condition. Joe has been struggling with his health a lot over the past three or four months. The good thing is that he was taken immediately to the hospital as he was with a couple of people at the time.”

For those unfamiliar with Joe Jackson, he is Michael Jackson’s father; who is still married to his mother by the way.  They might live in separate houses but on paper Katherine Jackson is still his wife  Katherine lives in Los Angeles while Joe Jackson stays in Vegas.  This just might be the key to a happy wife and long life.  Reports say that Katherine is on her way to see her man.

At 83 years old, Joe is still has his hand in a lot of businesses and products.  For his 83 years of hard work, managing the Jackson 5, and hustling everyday for 83 years, Joe Jackson’s net worth is a measly $500,000!