Hope Solo’s New hubby arrested Again – yes Hope, I said Again!

Let’s go back a few weeks shall we.  Back on November 12th, the eve before he was to get married to Gold Medalist Hope Solo, Stevens was arrested on suspicion of whoopin’ Hope Solo’s ass.  He was arrested, spent the night in jail and then released on his wedding day.  As if nothing happened the two got married as planned.

Fast forward 16 days and Stevens has been arrested again.  This time for probation violation.  To his defense the former NFL tight end didn’t do anything new wrong. Sometime your old crap just takes a few weeks to catch up with you.  Just ask Lindsay Lohan! Authorities charged him with violation of his probation for the arrest that was made the night before his wedding.

Do you follow.  He was on probation for a marijuana charge.  The arrest before his wedding date, was a violation of that probation.  He was never charged with the probation violation until now.

His attorney Mark O’Brien was adamant about his defense.  He says, in regards to the arrest for assault before his wedding,

 I believe this is improper, A judge in Washington — after he had a full hearing in which the state of Washington called witnesses, including a law enforcement official — found no probable cause.

In this particular case, he should not be held without bond — he shouldn’t even have his probation violated.

He is very upset and angry, And he is hopeful that the law will be followed once we get into court.

Solo was upset when she saw that news media were trying to paint an ugly picture of her hubby by using the words, “Arrested Again”.  Because he didn’t do anything additional, she feels that the use of the word “Again” is unfair.

After the solo tweets, new sources begin to really dig into Stevens past reporting rape charges from 2008 as well as felony assault charges in from high school. Stevens was also formally arrested in 2002 and 2007 for DUI’s and in 2010 for drug charges.

So like I said and the other new outlets, “Arrested AGAIN”

Hope Solo net worth is: $2.5 million