Keyshia Cole Close up

Keyshia Cole Addresses Oral Photos Leaked On The Internet. Is that Really Her?

Keyshia Cole had to address the photo because it was and still getting way too much attention and it really looks a lot like her.  I’m not sure who released it, or how much they were paid but the likeness is incredible.

However we were down his path before with the gay bow wow cuddling pictures that ended up not being Bow Wow. Remember that.  Just in case you don’t.

Bow Wow Spooning another man

Although the Tattoo locations look the same here as well.  It was revealed that this was not Bow Wow, but some dude named Preston.  Although Preston never showed his tattoos.  Hmmm…..

The same can be said here.  It’s even tough to compare the tattoo locations from the two pics.  They appear to be different but I wouldn’t bet any money one way or another.

Keyshia Cole's Tattoo a Heart with a stake in it

Click Here if you Want to See the Full Photo.

With her  latest LP and her new reality show, she must have figured that it was time to address the situation, “head on” so to speak.  Cole took to twitter:

Although Keyshia is now married to NBA hoopster Daniel Booby Gibson, we all have a past. At some point just own it. In fact owning it can make you more money than not owning it. Just ask Kim K. Before her tape she was Ray J’s jump off, now she has an empire.

It’s just a matter of time before Gibson dumps Keyshia anyway. She might be married with a child but her attitude sucks. She’s fulfilling every person’s expatiations of an angry black woman, and that’s going to force Gibson to fulfill every person’s expectation of an NBA player and that’s smashing everything in sight. Gibson appears to be a solid good man, but he’s getting abused!

…and by the way….If you read the Keyshia’s tweets closely she doesn’t actually deny it’s her.