Lindsay Lohan Gets Bail Revoked

Judge Revoke’s Lindsay Lohan’s Probation. Is She Finally Going to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan might actually be looking at some time behind bars.  Lohan is facing several charges including reckless driving, lying to the cops, and obstructing an officer. She was not required to appear in court because the judge cold revoked her probation without her being there and there were no warrants for he arrest.

Basically all those former offenses she is charged with are probation violations.  Don’t forget she was put on probation for stealing a necklace.  In theory Lohan is  just like any other criminal who has a probation officer to report to, who requests them to take drug tests and has to grant permission to the parolee if they want to leave the state…that’s what kind of program Lindsay is supposed to be on.

Her hearing regarding the violations will be on Jan. 15th at which time she can see up to 245 days in jail.  her attorney, Shawn Holley held things down for her in court today but these were just the first list of violation probation charges.  Lohan will have a new set when her misdemeanor assault charges surface from her recent altercation in a NYC night club.

At this point I say throw her ass in jail.  If she was Latoya Lohan, she would have been in jail after stealing the necklace.