Man of Steel Movie Poster, Superman Arrested

Watch “The Man of Steel” Official 2nd Trailer. This is Not Your Ordinary Superman!

Every superman fan is hoping that they get this one right.  Lord knows the last superman sucked-arse.  How can Batman be so good.  Scratch that…great.  How can Batman be so great and Superman, be so whack!  The new official trailer looks like we might be turning the corner.  Zack Snyder is destined to bring this franchise up to the level it deserves.   Casting Henry Cavill was on point.  In the trailer we see an enormous Cavil with and without the beard (I’m a fan of the beard).  We also get to see him as a young boy.  We catch a glimpse at Russell Crowe as Jor-El, which is also some great casting.

My only criticism is that the trailer lacked significant action, but it does a great job of building the drama.  Whereas Spiderman is always somewhat High “Schoolee”, this trailer establishes that Superman is grown up and he’s here to kick some ass.  I also see on the trailer that it is produced by Christopher Nolan.  How did I NOT know that?  I’m an entertainment blogger for crying out loud and I didn’t know this crucial detail.  That would explain the “Dark Knight” feel of the trailer and movie.  It’s intense!!

I’m definitely liking what I see so far; the trailer did its job.  I can’t wait.  The Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013.