Lil Wayne Baked Tattoo on His Forehead

Is That Lil Wayne’s Forehead Tattoo? Yes it is!

Another celebrity and another crazy ass tattoo.  The Tattoo is in the same typography as the skate deck supplier Baker.   Of course we all know what Baked means, and you have to be in order to get a tattoo like this, on your forehead.  For Lil Wayne, this is nothing.  His face and neck are already covered with Tats. If you are wondering what THAREALTUNECHI is, Lil Wayne’s grandmother nicknamed Wayne “Lil Tune.” Wayne added the “-chi” so it could be shouted out with “Gucci”.

Drake discussed his tattoos in a past interview with MTV in which he replied,

“I get all [of these] questions about, ‘why you got all these tattoos on your face?’ what does that mean? You can’t turn on the TV and find an artist without a tattoo somewhere…if you don’t [have a tattoo] you’re tryna be too different. If you don’t have a tattoo you’re Drake!”

Of course that was the young Drake.  Now Drake has a collection of his own: A bird on his shoulder, and owl, Aaliyah, Toronto’s area code, one on his bicep and he just got one of his grandmother and Uncle.

Remember when we all thought Mike Tyson was crazy – who knew he was just setting a trend!lil Wayne's Forhead Tattoobaker-skateboards Logo

Here is a clip where Wayne explains the name “Tunechi” in case you didn’t believe me. (The explanation starts at the 2:00 mark)