MTV’S cast of Buckwild

MTV’s Buckwild Premiere Beats the Jersey Shore’s 2009 Debut by More than 1 Million Viewers.

I told you that the MTV producers were on to something and if ratings are any indication, they have another low cost hit on their hands.

Buckwild, after some controversy aired Friday night to 2.49 million viewers, that is more than a million more viewers than the Jersey Shore pulled in their premiere.  During the Jersey Shore’s debut in 2009, 1.375 viewers were watching.

Before you start thinking spin offs, products and red carpet appearances for these teens, to be fair to the Jersey Shore crew, their premiere was before Snooki got punched in the face.  That was the punch heard around the world.  At Jersey Shore’s peak, they were pulling in 10 Million an episode, so the Bukwild crew has a long way to go.

With the last episode of the Jersey Shore being in the books we can officially say good bye to that crew and start to getting used to some new names: Shain, Anna, Ashley, Shie, Joey, Cara, Tyler, Katie, and Salwa.  Yes….Salwa.

As the Honey Boo Boo trend continues, Buckwild and Sissonville, West Virginia fit right it.   Reality TV is trending towards less classy and more country, which results in very low production costs for TV.

I’m not sure if Buckwild will ever hit 10 million an episode but MTV would probably have their money’s worth if they can double those numbers which doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch as long as the gossip blogs keep talking about the show.

In case you missed the extended trailer, hear ya go…