The X Factor khloe kardashian & Mario Lopez

Khloe Kardashian rumored to be Cut from The X Factor after Just one Season as a Co-Host

Khloe Kardashian’s time with Simon Cowell is rumored to be over.  According to media outlets Mario Lopez will be returning as host but the Kardashian didn’t make the cut.

I personally thought that Khloe didn’t do such a bad job, but hosting expert Marki Costtello thought much different.  He told the NY Post that her lack of experience made him, as a viewer, almost uncomfortable.

Khloe said that she was told not to take hosting lessons before she took the job, and she admitted that the position is extremely challenging.   Khloe explained,

Just learning how there’s a screaming audience and you don’t yell because the mic is right there,  I will have an earpiece in my ear, and while I’m trying to read the teleprompter then I have someone counting down and they’re like, “Okay, ask Simon this or that”

‘There were so just so many pieces I never knew were involved in live TV.

‘I do feel like through every show I got better and better, but my first week I literally was like, “I am going to die. I want to fake a heart attack.”‘

Khloe’s choice of clothing was also questioned, one time wearing a blouse exposing her nips when the light hit it just right.  The choice of dress was so risque it even prompted a tweet from Cowell himself,

‘I think the air conditioning is on high tonight looking at khloe.’

All of her inexperience was highlighted by the professionalism of Mario Lopez who is a vet and appears at home in front of the camera, a stark contrast to Khloe who often appeared nervous and fidgety.

If these reports are confirmed, this will just add to Simon Cowell’s uphill battle to keep “The X-Factor” relevant.  Now he needs one new host and 2 judges.  That’s assuming that no more heads will roll.