VH1’s Chooses Keke Palmer to Play Chilli for the TLC Biopic and Fans are not Happy!

VH1’s Biopic on TLC continues to get bashed for its Casting as Keke Palmer is brought on to play chili

It was announced last week that Keke Palmer would be playing Chilli in the movie about TLC.  The movie will be about the groups rise to fame, but people are not happy with the casting….at all.

First came the announcement of Lil Mama to play Left Eye.  This decision provoked so much outrage that a petition was created against the selection, but producers could not be swayed on their selection, they stood firm in their decision.  Ever since lil Mama popped up on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia’s Keys performance of New York – she has been considered suspect.  WHO DOES THAT?


Next came the announcement of KekePalmer to play Chilli.  This too has  been met with some criticism.  Most of which revolves around the fact that Palmer and Chilli look nothing alike.

Keke said she’s been a fan of the group since she was a kid, The 19 year old says,

“I would sing No Scrubs over and over again to the point my parents would have to tell me to stop, but I never did, I had my little hairbrush as my mic and nobody could tell me I wasn’t the fourth member of TLC.”

Finally fed up  with everyone crushing her joy, Palmer took to twitter and basically dropped a little truth, but just a little…..

People kill me, I don’t remember Anglea Bassett looking ANYTHING like Tina Turner. And she RIPPED that role…People need to realize that movies aren’t casted by people looking like who they’re playing. They’re casted by who can do the role.


I wouldn’t say that Angela Bassett didn’t look ANYTHING like Tina Turner but Palmer’s point is well taken.


Palmer has recently garnered critical acclaim in her role in the Lifetime movie,  “Abducted: The Carlina White Story” for which she received an Outstanding nomination at the NAACP image awards – Which really means nothing.

Keke just has to silence the critics with her performance.  She has to crush  the role and all will be forgotten and she will be a Hollyhood hero.  If Lil Mama is as bad as I think she will be, then there will be a nice contrast to make her performance appear even better.