Coco Money Shot

During a Radio Interview Rapper AP.9 Shows Radio Hosts Sure Fire Proof That he Smashed Coco.

There have been rumors that Ice-T and Coco have filed for divorce (including fake court documents) amongst this whole AP.9 debacle and the fact that AP.9 won’t let it die, makes matters worse.  The rapper, who was virtually unknown before Coco’s pictures put him on the map, during an interview says that not only did he smash Coco, but he apparently still  had photos as proof.

In the clip below, you can see when he passed his phone around the radio studio everyone was all Oooos and Ahhhasss.  One person can be heard saying that there were “pre and post” smashing pictures.  Someone else said after seeing the pictures,

Oh he definitely hit that.

Ap.9 says he’s just trying to clear his name after Coco said that he was a groupie.  I say that he’s trying to extend his 15 minutes.  If Ice-T wants this to go away, he just needs to sit tight.  The story is getting old and tired and will soon be forgotten.  Remember how big the gay John Travolta stories were last year?

I personally think if this guy doesn’t go away, he will go away.  He’s his own worse enemy.  Sometime you don’t have to worry about the actor or rapper.  You have to worry about their fans.  Just ask BIG and Pac.

Here is the interview…..