Terrell Owens is Employed Again. Meet America’s “NEXT” top Model.

Terrell Owens

Things might be turning around for our man Terrell Owens.  The once self proclaimed ugly duckling has managed to land a modeling contract.  Owens will be modeling for Next Management.

Terrell let the world and all his baby’s mamma’s know that he will be getting a check.  Just to prove he ain’t sh*ttin, he has a profile on the Agency’s website.

Owens publicist also released a statement to the media confirming the deal,

Terrell has had a modeling contract in the past,” Bianchini wrote in en email. “Most can see why this would be a natural fit for him. NEXT approached him. He signed about a month ago and we are all very excited by this deal.”

Owens hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010.  Even when he did play he didn’t get paid much.  In Seattle, it was revealed that TO only made $4300.  Everyone thought his Seattle contract would be worth a few million or at least $1 million and he could pay off some of his child support bills.  We were all sadly mistaken.  When courts pulled his bank statements it showed that Owens only made $4,342.86 for 152 hours of work.  That’s roughly $28 per hour.  I’m sure modeling pays a lot more the that.