GI_Joe _Retaliation_27

G. I. Joe: Retaliation – Watch Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes Do Battle, Awesome. [video]

If you are not excited yet about GI Joe 2 Retaliation, how about a movie clip to get you out of your seat?  How about a movie clip that features ninjas?  How about a movie clip that features two ninjas named Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes?

After the original script for Joe tested bad, the movie theater decided to delay the release date 9 months so that the script can be worked.  Without giving too much away, Channing Tatum’s out break success in Magic Mike had an awkward effect on this Joe film.  He was not a big enough presence in the movie and viewers were not happy.  In fact he didn’t even make it to the first movie posters. The results were so bad in fact, the studio made the hard decision to rework the script and listen to the screeners.  (Why have screeners if you don’t listen to them right? )

Instead of admitting they had a potential, high dollar rotten egg on their hands, the movie studio said the cause of the delay was converting the movie to 3D.  With a budget rumored at $125 million, you bet it was a big decision for everyone involved to carry the cost of that another 9 months.  Now they are more than ready to recoup and profit.

If the movie is half as good as the trailers and this clip below, they should have nothing to worry about.  GI Joe 2 hits theaters this month on March 28th.