Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle Finally Break Up – Common Sense Prevails.

We all knew that this was not going to last. Admittedly I was heartbroken when I found out that Danny Boyle was able to put the moves on Dawson while filming his latest movie Trance back in 2011.

Boyle, who is a British director, best known for his work on Slumdog Millionaire, is 23 years her Senior. He said that he fell in love with Dawson after the movie Trance which starred Dawson was finished filming.

Boyle is a very private person and there were not many photos of the two together but friends say that despite their age difference the two were a good fit. Although Boyle is a Londoner, Rosario however did not want to move to London because she was very involved in the 2012 election and promoting her 8 year old voting organization called Voto Latino.

It appears now that those concerns are over. The two have called it splits. An insider close to Boyle says,

“It’s all over. It’s very sad, but they always were an unlikely couple, in many ways.”

I’m sure this comes as good news to Rosario’s Dad. At 55 years old himself, his daughter’s boyfriend had him by a year. He told British Newspapers last August,

“I was a bit concerned about the age difference. Some of her other boyfriends have been older, but not by more than 20 years. All I care about is that Rosa has a smile on her face. As long as Danny treats her right I won’t have a problem with him.”

Although he said that his daughters happiness was all that mattered in the end, I’m sure he wanted to bust a cap in Boyles old ass. Now he can relax….until she dates again.