Kandi Burruss Decides to Sue Kim Zolciak for Money Earned for her Song “Tardy for the Party”.

I hope Kim didn’t spend that Tardy for the party money yet because Kandi is coming for her cut.  Although Kim withdrew early from this season of Real Housewives’ of Atlanta her name was brought up when Kandi accused Kim of stealing the name she had set aside for a baby if she had one.  The name “Kash” was Kandi’s idea and Kim took it for her newborn son.

Apparently Kandi is determined to get “Kash” one way or another.  Tuesday Kandi went to court and filed damages for copyright infringement over the song Tardy for the Party.  Kandi says that she and co-writer Rodney Richards are due some compensation. The suit says, that she is seeking

……damages for copyright infringement due to Defendants’ unauthorized and unlawful licensing, distribution and sale of Plaintiffs’ creative works, namely a sound recording embodying a performance of a musical composition entitled “Tardy for the Party.”

The song was recorded 3 years ago and Kandi said that she was paid $4000 for the work done on the track.  After things grew tense between Kandi and Kim, Kandi decided to halt the second song they did together called “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing”.  Kim went on to do two more songs, Google Me and Love Me First neither which came close to the success of Tardy for the Party.

Kim insists that the lawsuit is a publicity stunt and that Kandi was not the writer of the song.  As she tells it, her daughter wrote it as a country tune with her music teacher.  Kim took to twitter to voice her frustration.

To date Tardy for the Party has sold over 100,000  copies.  Interesting enough, the lawsuite was file 1 day before the Reunion show which was filmed tonight.