Watch Heartbreaking Video of Tyga Getting his Lamborghini Aventador Towed by LAPD

You have to give TMZ credit.  Regardless if they are right or wrong about this Lil Wayne situation; they are always where the news is at….or they have wallets big enough to cut a check for the news.  Eitherway they are on top of their game.

They had footage rolling as Tyga was pulled over by LAPD while driving his Lamborghini Aventador.  The car has a sticker price of $397 and cost mere $500,000 after taxes and paperwork.

All that money however, could not stop the cops from towing the vehicle.  The reason why Tyga was originally stopped is still unknown but he was given asked to step out of the vechicle and given a field sobriety test while fans and the public watched.

Challenge Accepted!

Rocking a white hoodie and red kicks, Tyga was up to the challenge, as you can see from the video below he passed.

What he failed at was having a valid driver’s license and registration which meant that he he wasn’t nore would he be allowed to drive the vehicle.

In typical LAPD Douch Baggery Fashion, instead of letting Tyga call someone to drive the car home, LAPD called in the tow truck.  They disrespected the vehicle even more by not even bringing a flat bed.

I guess Tyga should be happy he wasn’t arrested.  BTW – he left a message for the cops on twitter.

And now the clip – Looks like he got pulled over for not having any damn plates!