The Game Shamelessly Gives himself Props for tipping waiter $6,000.

The Game was in LA and eating at the Capital Grille and apparently was feeling rather generous.  After his meal he decided to give the waiter a $6000 tip.  Basically he just handed dude a big roll of bills.

Instead of tipping the waiter, and having the waiter tweet it, or post it, The Game decides to save the waiter the trouble; he takes to his own instagram account and posts,

Left my waiter @ikwuakor a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!! My HEART made me do it… & before yo hatin a*s get to doing what you do best, YES I help the homeless, YES I help families in NEED, YES my nig*as ALL straight & so is MY FAMILY….. My kids… Well, you already know that swaggin dumb out here…. & anyone I can help I do…. But today…. @ikwuakor took care of us…… So I took care of him…. & remember… He has a family too !!!!! Each one Teach one….. Walk a day in my Barkley 1’s (picture coming next) & your heart would be in great shape…. Love is love.

I say big deal.  It would be a much bigger deal if you weren’t breaking your arm trying to pat yourself on the back.

How much is the Game’s Net Worth?

What people don’t realize is that The Game really has money.  Jayceon Terrell Taylor is worth an estimated $25 million, which makes the $6000 tip that much more insignificant, almost like his place in the rap game.