Former Nanny Makes Shocking Claims About Diddy’s Kids

A nanny by the name of Dawn Drago is making headlines today over new claims about Diddy’s children and his ex-girlfriend. According to the nanny, Diddy’s daughters were regularly exposed to drugs at Kim Porter’s house. The nanny allegedly worked for Porter from 2011-2012 and witnessed some pretty messed up things. She claims that Porter smoked a ton of pot in the house while Diddy’s daughters were staying there, but it doesn’t end at just pot, Porter claims.

She says that she also found cocaine in the house and even noticed that the kids were covered in a “white powdery substance” one morning as she was driving them to school. The nanny reports that the kids must have found a bag “containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.” Drago reportedly confronted Porter about the bag, but Porter claimed that it was just medicine.

It should be noted that Dawn Drago is currently suing Porter. Drago claims Porter would violently abuse her constantly, she also claims that she was fired because she complained about the constant smell of marijuana in the house.

I’m not sure how reliable this nanny is, so I can’t really comment on whether any of these claims are true. However, does anyone else think that ‘Dawn Drago’ sounds more like a stripper than a nanny? It either sounds like a stripper, or some character from the Harry Potter series. I’d be willing to bet that Porter just got really high one day, skimmed through the help wanted Ads, saw the name, “Dawn Drago” and thought, “That’s a badass name! She’ll make a great nanny.” Not realizing that she was actually offering stripping services.

Anyway, what about Diddy in all of this? Well, Diddy and his “people” have not commented on the claims. They’re probably too busy with all the Kate Upton/Diddy rumors. Have you all heard about that? Some gossip column claimed that Diddy and Kate Upton were, “hot and heavy.” They even came up with a nickname for them; “Diddyup!” which I have to admit is all kinds of awesome.

Sadly, it appears that the report was bogus.

“Really? Not at all true.” Upton tweeted. And Diddy made it even clearer, tweeting,

Well, damn! Okay then, Diddy seems a little upset. I’m not sure why, it’s not like it was a “bad” rumor. There are plenty of guys that would love to have their name associated with Kate Upton.