Jonah Hill Demands To Be Taken Seriously!

You might remember Jonah Hill as that fat kid from that one movie about two friends who are secretly in love with each other, but they hide their feelings and try to have sex with girls instead. I think it was called, ‘Superbad’ or something like that. He’s been in a lot of movies since then, mostly comedy movies. However, ever since he landed the role in ‘Moneyball’ and lost a lot of weight, he’s been trying to get more serious acting roles.

Jonah does have a few “serious” films in the works, but he’s still starring in mostly comedies. Like, the comedy ’This Is the End’ which he was promoting when he was interviewed by Rolling Stone. The magazine interviewed all of the stars of the film, including James Franco, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride. They were all asked silly questions, like, “What type of farter are you?” All of the actors answered the question, but when it came time to interview Jonah Hill…things got serious.

Rolling Stone magazine says Jonah Hill was completely “serious” throughout the interview. He refused to talk about his weight loss and workout routine because it was, “of little relevance.” Then the magazine asked him the same farting question that they had asked his co-stars. “His eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets.” The magazine claims when they asked him the question.

“I’m not answering that dumb question! I’m not that kind of person! Being in a funny movie doesn’t make me have to answer dumb questions. It has nothing to do with who I am.” The serious actor said. Jonah then went on a little tirade about how he’s done one of the hardest things you can do in Hollywood…

“I’ve done one of the biggest challenges you can do in Hollywood, which is transition from being a comedic actor to being a serious actor, and I’m really prideful of that. I could have made a billion dollars doing every big comedy of the last 10 years and didn’t, in order to form a whole other life for myself. Now I have fulfillment doing both.”


He’s been in a few “serious” movies, but can we really call it a full transition? Look at Jim Carrey, he has successfully played the funny man and the serious man. You don’t see him going to interviews and acting like a huge ass. Anyway, the magazine also asked Jonah what he thought of Judd Apatow labeling him as “angry nerdy.”

“Yeah, there was probably an angry time for me. But I couldn’t be a less angry person. Judd maybe thinks of himself that way. But I haven’t worked for him in five years. I adore him. But I’m f–king 29-years-old and not some angry kid.”

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