Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt Update

News broke yesterday that Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital after trying to kill herself at her home in Los Angeles. The incident took place early Wednesday morning. The 911 call from the house came in at around 1:30 a.m. and by 2:00 a.m. an ambulance had arrived at the scene. Paris Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe confirmed the news and told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter has had a lot going on lately.

Well, we now know a little more information about what took place Wednesday morning. First, we should tell you that Paris is “physically fine” right now and she is in stable condition. Now, what about this suicide attempt? There has been a lot of speculation about this incident. Some people think that she was just wanting attention, and recent reports by TMZ seem to back that up.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that based on the information they know, it’s clear that Paris was just wanting attention. One source claims her call to a suicide hotline is clear evidence that she wanted to be saved. “It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house.” the source said.

Allegedly, Paris used a meat cleaver to cut her arm open and she took a lot of Motrin. The source points out that no one really tries to kill themselves with Motrin…

“Who takes Motrin to kill themselves? She called the suicide hotline because she wanted the attention and wanted to make sure EMTs got there in time.”


Oh, and another source (I can’t keep up with all these damn sources) claims that Paris is just doing it all for the drama. Apparently, she is constantly wanting attention and will do anything to get it. Although, she might have gone a little too far with her latest suicide attempt. Family members are very worried about her.

Well, I don’t know who all of these sources are and I don’t know what is going in the mind of Paris. However, I do think she needs some kind of help. Sure, she might just be doing it for “attention” but she obviously has some issues! I wanted attention at her age, but I never once thought about getting out a f–king meat cleaver and chopping my arm off. That’s not a normal thing to do, that’s not just some bratty teenager starting drama. I mean, would it really surprise anyone to learn that she has some mental issues? Her life has been strange as hell.