Selena Gomez Using Justin Bieber?

We’ve all asked the question, “Why the heck is Selena Gomez wasting her time with Justin Bieber?” Well, could we finally have the answer? A source close to the couple is claiming that Selena is using their on and off relationship to her advantage. The source told Hollywood Life the following…

“Justin is like the Michael Jackson of our era, so it’s beneficial for her. She’s got her own talent, though, she’ll be okay. They do like each other. It’s young love.”

Really? The Michael Jackson of our era? This source must be someone really young because I don’t think anyone over the age of 20 would try to compare Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson. It’s like comparing apples to those tiny little oranges that kids love because they’re easy to peel. Cuties? I think that’s what they’re called. Also, Selena doesn’t need to use Bieber for anything. She has a decent voice, she can act, she can dance and she’s easy on the eyes.

Sometimes, I think these websites listen in on conversations between teenage girls, write down what they say and then use the sh-t they say as quotes. For example, “A close source claims that Justin Bieber is hotter than Jared from History class, but not as a cute as Adam from Science.”

I don’t know. Maybe I am just jealous because I have no sources.