Tamar Braxton Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Good news everyone, Tamar Braxton has given birth to a healthy baby boy. She and her husband Vincent Herbert announced the exciting news on her Twitter account yesterday evening, “HE’S finally here!” she wrote. Braxton also attached the picture you see below, three adorable bears with flowers and balloons. It certainly looks like she was well taken care of in the hospital.


This is their first baby together. She first announced that she was pregnant on Good Morning America back in March of this year. The first pregnancy for a woman is always a nerve-racking experience, but Tamar told Us Weekly last month that she had has had a great pregnancy. “I have a lot of energy. I’m always upbeat and everyone has to tell me to sit down somewhere. But I feel amazing!” she said during her baby shower. Vincent was also very excited about welcoming in his first child, “I’m looking forward to just love her more and being a great father to her child.” he told the magazine.

Well, congratulations! I’m not sure why we say “congratulations” after someone has a baby. We really should be saying, “I’m sorry.” Because their life is only going to go downhill from here. Sleepless nights, poop and pee everywhere and constant disappointment. It’s going to be like college all over again!