More Trouble for Bieber and His Bodyguards

Another incident involving the Bieber camp? Again? It looks like it, folks. A photographer named Jeffery Binion is suing Justin Bieber and one of his bodyguards, Hugo Hesny. Does that not sound like the most perfect name for a bodyguard? Anyway, the photographer claims that the feisty little Bieber ordered his gang of bodyguards to “harass” him after he tried to take some pictures of the pop star in a parking lot.

The man claims that Hugo (who was following Bieber’s orders) slammed him against the wall. He reportedly grabbed his throat and flashed him his gun that was underneath his shirt. While all this was taking place, the other bodyguards were busy removing the memory card from Jeffery’s camera. Binion claims that the traumatic incident has left him with, injury, pain, mental anguish and medical expenses.

The photographer already has himself a lawyer and his lawyer is already talking to the media,

“Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one. He needs to learn that he cannot use bodyguards as weapons to harm innocent people. Bieber’s violent behavior toward photographers must end, and he should take responsibility for his actions. No amount of fame or fortune justifies Bieber’s shameful and outrageous conduct. To send him that message and deter his misbehavior in the future, we will seek punitive damages against him as allowed by Florida law.”


It appears like the photographer and the lawyer might just have a case. The lawyer claims that the bodyguard did not have a license to work as a bodyguard in Florida, and he didn’t have a permit for carrying a concealed weapon. If that is true, it would seem like Bieber’s camp could be in some trouble.

And more trouble is the last thing they need. Bieber and his thugs have been involved in four similar incidents in the past week! The latest incident taking place this past Saturday. Bieber was reportedly in a hookah lounge when some person tried to take a picture of him. One of Bieber’s bodyguards tried to stop the picture from being snapped, and a “scuffle” took place soon after. The person called police but Bieber left before they arrived. Police have reportedly opened up a misdemeanor battery investigation. Bieber is not a suspect in the case, though.

Bieber is smart. Let his bodyguards do all the dirty work for him. I wish I had some bodyguards when I was in school. Maybe then I wouldn’t have spent lunch in the bathroom stall crying. Just eating a slice of pizza all by myself, using toilet paper to blow my nose, wipe my mouth and my ass. Obviously I didn’t do that all with the same piece of paper…I think I have already said too much.