Will Smith “Makes Out” With Son (VIDEO)

So, there is this video going around the internet today. The video is of Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith on some Thai television show doing an interview. Doesn’t sound that exciting, huh? Well, as you know, something crazy always seems to go down during these foreign interviews and this one was no different.

The interview starts off fairly normal but at around the 4:40 mark, it starts to get a little weird. The host of the show, Woody Milintachinda begins to encourage Will Smith to give his son some much needed affection. Jaden is disgusted by the thought of kissing his dad, as any 14-year-old kid would be. However, Will Smith loves embarrassing Jaden and he wouldn’t stop bothering Jaden until he got his kiss.

Skip to the 4:40 mark and watch the awkwardness for yourself…

Yikes. It looks like Jaden’s mouth was actually open when Will planted that kiss on him. And is it just me, or did Will slip in a little tongue action? Okay, maybe he didn’t actually stick his tongue down his son’s throat, but he definitely got his smooch in.

It’s good to see a father and son get along like that. It’s important to have that kind of bond with your father. I mean, my father never showed me any love and look at how I turned out. Do you really want your kid to turn out like me? I didn’t think so. Go hug your kids.