Paris Jackson Not a Fan of Justin Bieber

The list of people who hate Justin Bieber just keeps on getting longer. The newest name on the list? Paris Jackson. It’s being reported that Paris Jackson HATES Justin Bieber, and whoever reported this really wanted to make sure the word “hate” was used.

TMZ reports that her dislike of Bieber is mainly due to the fact that the 19-year-old singer refused to talk about all of the teenage girls who were cutting themselves out of “love” for him. Remember that whole thing? A bunch of girls on Twitter were tweeting about how they were cutting themselves to show Bieber how much they love and adore him. It was crazy and obviously those girls need help and they need to be introduced to better music, but that’s not important.

Anyway, Paris hates Bieber for not speaking out against cutting. He remained silent about the whole thing and that apparently didn’t sit well with Paris. She’s also not liking the recent pictures of Justin smoking weed. She feels like he should be more of a role model to all of his young fans.

I wonder if she said all this before or after her recent suicide attempt? I’m hoping she said it all before. I’d be concerned if she was up in the hospital room ranting about Justin Bieber. I’d like to think she has more important things to be thinking about right now.