Beyonce Congratulates Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

You’ve probably heard the rumors about a possible “feud” going on between Beyonce and Kim, but it certainly doesn’t look like there is any truth to the rumors. Beyonce sent out a big congratulations to the new parents on her Tumblr account.

“Congrats to Kim & Kanye. Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together.” she wrote on her page. Yeah, she didn’t say that much, but the gesture was still nice. It will certainly put an end to all those rumors, at least for awhile. If you didn’t hear about the rumors, they basically just said that Beyonce and Kim never did “hit it off.” Jay-Z and Kanye are good friends, but reports claimed that same friendship didn’t carry over to Kim and Beyonce.

Basically, it was the normal bullsh-t that gossip magazines throw out there when real stories are hard to come by. They all sit in a room and try to think of rumors that sound like they could be true, but actually have no truth to them at all. And then they’ll call up some washed up celebrity who met Beyonce at a dinner party 10 years ago to get their expert opinion on this “feud.” That’s how rumors get started. It’s kind of like high school, except everyone has less pimples and more wrinkles.

Anyway, now Beyonce and Kim have more in common than just big butts. They’re both moms! Maybe we’ll see them going on play dates together, or at least their nannies taking the kids on play dates together.