Kate Gosselin Makes Racist Gesture in Leaked Photo

Kate Gosselin is back in the news, but she probably wishes she wasn’t. A strange photo has been leaked online that appears to show Kate making a racist gesture, making fun of the Asian community. You can see in the photo down below that the mother of eight is wearing some kind of strange headpiece, and she is pulling the skin on her face back.


Not much is known about the photo, no one even knows who posted the darn thing! We do know that it was posted by someone on twitter by the name of, @katiedeen888kat. It appears that who ever created the account only made it to post that image. There are no other tweets on the account, so whoever posted this clearly has some beef with Kate and has really tried to hit her with a low blow.

Could it have been her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin? After all, he is second-generation Korean-American and he is currently being sued by Kate. She’s suing her ex-husband because of a “tell-all” e-book that was released titled, “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.” The book was taken off Amazon just two days after its release after charges of inappropriately obtained documents. People who managed to catch a glimpse of the book say it painted Kate as a child abuser.


Kate is also suing the author of the book, Robert Hoffman. Robert is a close friend of Jon Gosselin and is not a fan of Kate. In fact, after the book was pulled off Amazon, he told RadarOnline that he has even more “explosive” material that he’s holding back for a rainy day,

“The other 90 percent of the material that I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I’m falsely accused of anything and drug (sic) into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs.”

Interesting, huh? I wonder if this is one of those “photographs”? I hope not, because that would be pretty weak. We don’t even know the context behind the picture. Who is to say that she was doing this with racist intent? Heck, what if the person taking the photo was Asian and they told her to do that for fun? I mean, I find it hard to believe she is a racist. If she is, she must be pretty ashamed of her kids, considering they have half of Jon in them.

You know, she probably should be ashamed that they have half of Jon in them, not because of his race, but because he is a huge douche who wears shirts like this…


Ahhh, my eyes. They’re burning!