Kate Gosselin Reacts to Racist Photo

I’ve never been a huge Kate Gosselin fan, but I did defend her yesterday after a “racist” photo of her was released on Twitter. If you missed it, I wrote the following yesterday in defense of Kate…

“We don’t even know the context behind the picture. Who is to say that she was doing this with racist intent? Heck, what if the person taking the photo was Asian and they told her to do that for fun?”

And guess what? I was right! For once, I was right! Kate Gosselin responded to the photo yesterday and explained the whole thing. It turns out the picture was taken quite awhile back while she and Jon were filming, ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’

“At that time, a common topic of our show was ‘everybody’s Asian’ — except for mommy, so a thoughtful fan figured she’d help me look Asian too! It’s normal to talk about and even ‘exaggerate’ the feature differences between family members of a biracial family as they are noticed by curious growing children within the family. These types of discoveries and at home discussions are a normal part of being a loving accepting biracial family and it does not make any of us prejudice!”

She also said that picture was on her home computer and someone uploaded it without her consent. Claiming that whoever did it clearly had bad intentions. In fact, Kate says that picture is actually a happy memory for the family. She says the photo was taken when she and her husband were playing around together one afternoon. They had just opened all their fan mail together and in that fan mail was a plastic Asian dress-up wig.


Kate says both of them put on the wig and they both took photos of each other wearing it. “Naturally, I ‘slanted’ my eyes to show him my best Asian impression, which made him laugh.” She recalled. And she also pointed out that she married an Asian and she has eight biracial kids, so she should be the last person one should accuse of being racist.

Exactly. This photo was a big bag of nothing and even her Asian ex-husband was laughing at the time. It was all in good fun. The person who uploaded it obviously thought this would “ruin” her, but it’s actually done quite the opposite. It actually makes me feel a little bit bad for her, so it looks like whoever did this needs to rethink their attack strategy. Maybe they should find a picture of her punching a puppy or something, that would make me hate her.