The Reason Behind Scottie Pippen’s Weekend Brawl

As you probably all have heard, Scottie Pippen destroyed a guy this past Sunday night. The man he beat up was injured so badly that he had be taken to a hospital and suffered several injuries to his face, head and back. At the time no one really knew what set Pippen off, but now Scottie is talking about the incident.

He claims that he beat the dude up out of self-defense. According to Pippen, the guy called him the n-word and then spat on him. Apparently, the racist punk was annoying Pippen and his friends all night while they were trying to enjoy their dinner. Sources say that Pippen remained calm in the restaurant and politely asked the man to leave them alone.

After Pippen and his friends finished dinner, he agreed to take a picture with the annoying fan outside the restaurant. However, that wasn’t good enough for the fan. He demanded autographs, but Pippen refused to give him any autographs. That’s when things took a nasty turn. The man called him the n-word and then spat at the NBA great, however, the spit missed Pippen and landed on his daughter!

At that point, Pippen lost his sh-t and went hulk-mode on the guy. Contrary to earlier reports, Pippen was NOT arrested. He has talked with the police about the incident, but no arrest was ever made.

Daaaamn. I would have beat the sh-t out of that guy, as well! Well, I would have tried to beat the sh-t out of him. I’ve never actually been in a fight before, unless pillow fights count.