Amanda Bynes’ Weight Dropping Dramatically

Well, now we have another reason to be concerned about Amanda Bynes. The 27-year-old now appears to have an eating disorder. Last week she tweeted the message you see down below…


Apparently, her goal weight is a pathetic 100lbs, which is way too skinny when you consider she is 5 foot 8 inches. 114lbs is already considered “dangerously” low for her height, so 100lbs would be extremely concerning.

And it doesn’t look like she is losing this weight in a healthy way because just yesterday she posted a tweet that read, “135 to 107.2!” with the picture you see below attached.


That’s right, folks. She apparently lost seven pounds in less than a week, which is just incredibly unhealthy at her low weight. To lose seven pounds that fast when you are already that skinny, it’s just not healthy. She has to be eating very little and she’s obviously depriving her body of the nutrients it needs to survive.

This frightening news is not all that surprising when you consider how obsessed Bynes seems to be with her appearance. She’s had multiple plastic surgeries to “fix” her face, she constantly talks about how “ugly” people are, and she has called herself “pudgy” in the past.

An eating disorder is not something to mess around with. I know I have said in the past that I think she is faking this whole thing, but now I am not so sure. Maybe Amanda Bynes really does need help…