Beyonce and Blue Ivy Spend Time Together At Playground

What did you do over the July 4th weekend? Get drunk? Set your house on fire? Eat 100+ hot dogs? Whatever you did, we can assure it wasn’t as cute as what Beyonce did with her holiday weekend.

The new mom spent some time with her daughter Blue Ivy at the park, and she was nice enough to share a photo of the outing on her Tumblr blog.


Just look at all that cuteness! And look at all the parents around who don’t even seem to notice that greatness that is surrounding them. It’s almost as if they have their own lives and don’t care if a celebrity is within 10 feet of them. What is wrong with them?

If I had a kid and I was at that park, I would have been making my kid go play with Blue Ivy. Can you imagine the kind of play dates that would follow? Beyonce would probably invite your kid over to play and you’d be like, “Oh! Oh! Can I come? Please?!?”

Just imagine…sipping on some expensive wine with Beyonce and Jay-Z while your kids ride on their pet Giraffes in their backyard.

Yeah, I picture Beyonce and Jay-Z having a backyard full of well-trained giraffes, so what? It’s not like they don’t have they money to make it happen.