What is Lady Gaga Hiding?

There is currently a lawsuit going on between a former close friend of Lady Gaga’s and a former producer of Lady Gaga’s. Wendy Starland is suing Lady Gaga’s ex-producer Rub Fusari.

Wendy claims that Mr. Fusari owes her a lot of money for discovering Lady Gaga. Apparently, she played a big a role in making the superstar that is Gaga and she feels she did not receive enough compensation for it.

Well, apparently there are some revealing things being said about Lady Gaga in this lawsuit because Lady Gaga has filed legal docs to try and keep the information private. She does NOT want the public seeing what is being said in this lawsuit. She wants the judge to seal the information because it is, “sensitive, private and personal” according to the singer.

She also claims that if the information did go public, it would be very bad for her career. She said it would, “inflict significant personal and professional harm upon” her.

No one knows what secrets she could be hiding and we might never know, depending on what the judge rules. It’s worth noting the Lady Gaga claims that she has a non-disparagement agreement with Fusari and that the agreement should be enough to keep the information private.

What could be so bad that it would ruin Lady Gaga’s career? Geez.