Amanda Bynes Attacks Barack and Michelle Obama

Oh no she didn’t! Amanda Bynes has really gone off the deep end now. Not only is she suffering from a frightening eating disorder, but she also just blasted the president and his wife on her Twitter account!

The 27-year-old train wreck tweeted the tweet you see down below yesterday morning.


Is she serious? Obviously, she has to be doing this for attention, right? Why else would she randomly call the president and his wife ugly? Attacking Obama’s choices as president is one thing, but calling him ugly? If you’re going to attack someone, at least say something that has some truth to it!

I am a straight man (I swear) and even I can admit that Barack Obama is a pretty handsome dude. And Michelle? If she wasn’t married to the president, I certainly wouldn’t be against thinking about her while I masturbate.

Amanda Bynes is just being straight up silly now. This damn girl has got me so confused. One day I think she really does need help and then the next day I think she is just doing it for attention. I think it’s safe to say that I don’t know what the f–k is going in that head of hers. I don’t like it, though.

Who will she call ugly next? Place your bets. My money is on Jesus.