Leah Remini “Quits” Scientology

We didn’t know it was possible to quit Scientology, but apparently it is because Leah Remini has done just that. You may remember Leah from the long-running sitcom “King of Queens.” She was also a former co-host of, “The Talk” in which a group of women sit at a table and talk about how much they hate men.

Anyway, the 43-year-old has reportedly quit Scientology. The New York Post reports that she quit after being “subjected to years of interrogations and thought modification” for questioning David Miscavige’s rules. Leah doesn’t like the fact that you can’t question the leader’s rules or policies. Everyone is forced to agree with whatever Miscavige says, even if what he says forces followers to disconnect from family members.

A source told the New York Post the following…

“It all began when Leah questioned the validity of excommunication of people. She is stepping back from a regime she thinks is corrupt. She thinks no religion should tear apart a family or abuse someone under the umbrella of ‘religion.’”

Leah’s problems with the church apparently started at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Apparently, she was chewed out for causally asking why David Miscavige’s wife was not at the wedding. She was told that she didn’t have the “rank” to ask about his wife.

After that incident, the actress suffered through multiple interrogations and she was blacklisted from the church that she had given so much of her time and energy to.

Well, I have nothing to add to this story. I am too afraid to say anything bad about Scientology. So, we’ll just go on with our lives. Cool? Cool. Nothing to see here…