The Rock Is Selling Another Mansion

How many mansions does one man need? We realize that The Rock is quite a large man and he probably does need more than one refrigerator, but we’re sure he could find space for a second fridge in one of his three mansions he has put up for sale in the past several months.

The wrestler turned actor just recently sold a 13,000 square-foot mansion for $3 million, as well as his estate in Hidden Hills, California for around $5 million. And now he is selling ANOTHER mansion for a cool $3 million, or you could always rent out the place for $19,000 a month, which seems completely logical!

The over the top mansion has 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths and has 5 water fountains spread out across the two acres of land it sits on. It also has a theater room, game room and even a study room. Of course, it also has a gourmet kitchen, several fireplaces, an elevator and even motorized curtains! Because when you work out every single day, sometimes your arms just can’t take anymore.

Take a look at the beautiful mansion down below and then go play the lottery. Maybe you’ll win and you’ll be able to afford this outrageous home. If you do, I will gladly be the person you hire to press the button to close the curtains. Every mansion needs a curtain pusher boy.