Adam Levine Is Officially Engaged

All you ladies out there that wanted a piece of Adam Levine will now have to hope that Adam Levine gets marriage advice from Tiger Woods.

The 34-year-old singer and mentor on ‘The Voice’ has proposed to his 24-year-old model girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo. They have been dating each other for a little over a year, but just recently split up earlier this year. In fact, Adam was actually vacationing with some other hot model just last month.

However, apparently he has reconnected with Behati in a big way. Maybe he tested the waters for a bit and didn’t like the little fish he caught? Perhaps, he realized after years of fishing that Behati was the best catch he was ever going to get? How sweet, right? I should write a romance novel.

Anyway, Adam Levine’s rep told People Magazine the following,

“Adam Levine and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo are excited to announce they are engaged to be married. The couple recently reunited and Adam proposed this weekend in Los Angeles.”

This news might be surprising to some because Adam really doesn’t seem like the type that would want to “settle down.” But it turns out that he is actually a fan of marriage. He just recently talked with Oprah and confessed to loving the idea of marriage,

“I’m a fan of marriage. People think that I keep pooh-poohing marriage, but I love it … I want to probably be married at some point.”

Pooh-poohing is something that should be said more often. I’m a fan of pooh-poohing. Marriage? I could do without, but pooh-poohing? Sign me up.