Emma Roberts Arrested For Domestic Violence

It turns out that the adorable/sweet vibe Emma Roberts gives off in all her movies and interviews is just an act. The 22-year-old niece of Julia Roberts was arrested back on July 7 in Canada after kicking her boyfriend’s ass.

Apparently, Emma and Evan Peters were staying together in a hotel room when things turned violent. Someone in the hotel heard the fight going on and called the cops. When cops arrived at the scene, they found Evan with blood all over his nose and he even had a bite mark on his body! Was she trying to eat the poor dude?

Police arrested the 22-year-old because her boyfriend was the only one with visible injuries. Of course, the young actress did not stay in jail too long. She was released a short time later because Evan decided that he did not want to press any charges. Apparently, they are back together again and currently working together on American Horror Story.

It should be noted that sources who know Emma told TMZ that Emma Roberts did get in a fight with her boyfriend, but the source claims no biting took place.

Damn! It sounds like they might need to take a little break from one another. She just doesn’t seem like the “crazy” type, but I guess she is. It’s kind of funny to see the double standard come out in this situation. If she was the one with the bloody nose and bite mark, Evan would never land another job in Hollywood ever again. However, Emma will have no trouble finding work again.

Why is it okay for women to beat the sh-t out of whoever they want? I don’t condone any kind of violence, but I believe abusive women should receive the same treatment as abusive men. Chris Brown is still paying for his actions. Why do we just brush it off when the woman is the aggressor?