Leah Remini’s Sister Talks About Leah’s Fallout With Scientology

While Leah Remini herself is remaining quiet about her recent “break-up” with the church, her sister Nicole is sharing all of the dirty details. Nicole was on the “Lori & Julia” radio show the other day for an exclusive interview.

During the interview, she tried her best to explain why Leah and her family decided to cut ties with the controversial church,

“You know, and it’s funny too, because when you start questioning things that are connected to Tom things start getting a little crazy over there. When Leah came back from (Tom Cruise’s wedding) whatever happened happened.

Leah had brought up to a very, very close friend of hers — at our house, in private — you know, ‘I just think it’s really weird how involved Tom is with the upper levels of the church.’ She just started kind of questioning a little bit what was going on and just … how involved he was with the upper level people. And someone, her best friend actually, wrote a report on her!”

Nicole also spoke with Tony Ortega yesterday and said that Leah felt like Tom was taking over the church. She also revealed that when Leah was “sec-checkd” she was asked if she was going to be a danger to Tom.

This sh-t is starting to get really weird, huh? It sounds like Tom Cruise is some kind of God or something. To be honest, I am afraid to even talk about Tom Cruise on this website. I know I made fun of him for being short yesterday, I feel like I should delete that now. I’m just saying, if I don’t post any stories on Monday, you know what happened.