Michael Vick Says Prison Made Him A Better Person

A lot of people still despise Michael Vick for running an illegal dog fighting ring. As most of you know, he received an insane amount of backlash for his actions, and had to serve two years in prison.

But the quarterback now claims that he is a changed man. He claims that he had an epiphany during his time in jail. He explained this all on “TMZ Live” yesterday afternoon, telling the gossip website that his involvement with a charity for children is NOT a publicity stunt. He wants everyone to know that he truly is a changed man.

“Sometimes it takes this … for a person to go through certain hardships … to realize what their purpose really is. I think God placed it on my heart when I was incarcerated to come out and be the best person I can be and to help as many people as I can help.”

Good for him. It’s always interesting to see what kind of impact prison might have on someone. Sometimes it just makes the person worse, but sometimes it actually works out for the better. It looks like Michael Vick is trying to turn his life around and we certainly hope he continues to do good for the community.

By the way, can you believe that I just wrote this without typing one dog joke? I deserve some kind of reward, some kind of treat for being such a good little boy…

…well that didn’t last long.