Amanda Bynes’ Parents Considering Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes’ behavior has finally crossed the line and now her parents are reportedly planning on requesting a conservatorship over their daughter in court.

Her parents, Lynn and Rick are going to ask the court that a temporary conservatorship be set up so they can legally gain control of their out of control daughter. If the judge working the case decides to grant them their request, they will be in control of her medical, financial and personal affairs for however long she needs the help.

As most of you know, the 27-year-old is currently on 5150 hold after she started a random fire in someone’s driveway. No one knows why she started the fire, Amanda probably doesn’t even know why herself. Authorities working the case decided it was best to place her under the 5150 hold, and she may remain in the hospital for two weeks.

In order for her parents to get approval for the conservatorship, they will need to prove that Amanda is mentally incapable of handling everyday tasks. This shouldn’t be hard considering all of the evidence that they have. Just look at her Twitter account, that should be proof enough! In fact, I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

It wouldn’t be the first time a conservatorship was put in place for an out of control young star. You may remember that Britney Spears’ father actually took over her estate after her complete meltdown several years ago.

Let’s hope that she gets her life back on track just like Britney has seemed to do. It’s a really a shame to see her talent go to waste. She truly had a gift for making people laugh, and no I don’t mean the kind of laughing they are doing now.