Beyonce Invites Boston Marathon Survivors Backstage

We talk about celebrities doing so many idiotic things all of the time, and we constantly give them a hard time about it. However, we don’t seem to talk a lot about the good things celebrities do.

So, we decided to break that trend and tell you about how amazing Beyonce is. The queen of the world played a concert the other night in Boston and gave three Boston Marathon survivors the night of their life.

After Beyonce finished up her concert, she invited the three ladies backstage for a special meet-and-greet session, complete with autographs and lots of pictures. The three ladies all lost a leg during the bombing, but thankfully they are making a lot of progress and finally getting back to a “normal” life.


As you can see by their huge smiles, it appears like Beyonce might have just made their month. What an incredibly nice thing to do! It’s not often that someone gets as famous and as rich as Beyonce and still manages to be a decent person.

Well, besides that weird demand for “red” toilet paper on tour and $900 drinking straws, but I guess she is allowed to bring out her diva side sometimes.