Tara Reid’s Sharknado Days Are Over

Poor Tara Reid just can’t catch a break. The struggling actress landed a role in the strangely popular SyFy original film, ‘Sharknado.’ In the movie she played Ian Ziering’s estranged wife and her character ‘April Wexler’ actually survived the battle of sharks and made it out of the Sharknado alive.

However, sources connected with the production of the movie have told TMZ that the producers will not bring her back for the much anticipated sequel. In fact, the only person from the oringial they want back is the man who played her husband in the movie, Ian Ziering.


This is really bad news for Tara considering she probably would have received quite a bit of money for the sequel. She “only” received around $50,000 to star in the first movie, but she probably would have received a lot more than that for the sequel. It is believed that Ian, who also made $50,000 for the first movie will be getting a big pay raise to star in the sequel.

That’s just terrible news for Reid, I am sure she could have used the money. I have to imagine that $50,000 doesn’t last you very long in Hollywood. I could survive two years on $50,000, but it’s kind of a different world out there.

I’m sure she’ll be okay, though. Maybe she was smart and saved some of that “American Pie” money.