Amanda Bynes Drugged and Improving?

There’s nothing a little medication can’t fix, am I right? As most of you know, Amanda Bynes is currently in the hospital on an extended 5150 hold. The 27-year-old actress is reportedly suffering from schizophrenia and doctors have been hard at work, trying to find the best combination of medicine for the troubled star.

Recent reports coming out of the hospital claim that doctors might have found the correct combination of medications to fix her situation. She’s reportedly doing very well on the new medication, and sources close to her say she is acting normal again.

She’s no longer talking to herself, or insulting people for no apparent reason. Reports even claim that she is always saying “thank you” and “please” to the staff at the hospital. However, doctors are not ready to celebrate just yet. Finding the right combination of medication to treat her condition is challenging, and there is no way to be sure this combo will continue to work.

Doctors would like for her to continue to take it for 7-10 days to make sure it’s the best combination for her. That’s why they really hope she doesn’t get to leave today after her court hearing. She’s hoping to leave the hospital, but it’s unlikely the judge will let her.

There is also the whole thing with her parents still. They are still wanting to get conservatorship over their daughter. They say that she needs long-term supervision before anyone should trust her with properly taking care of herself, and her property.

It’ll be interested to see where this goes. In the end, it’s really just all about making sure Amanda gets the help she needs. I truly hope she can get back to her old self. I’d really like for people to laugh with her again, and not at her.