Selena Gomez Is a Fan of Hooters

Selena Gomez may have millions of dollars, but she’s still not afraid to eat where the “rest of us” eat. She’s been spotted at several “chain” restaurants before, including the 24-hour pancake stop, IHOP. The just turned 21-year-old clearly has no problem with cheap food and trans fat.


This is why it surprised no one when Selena Gomez was spotted at the best restaurant in the history of restaurants, Hooters. This time she visited the Hooters in Los Angeles, but she has been seen at the one in New York and Boston, she’s clearly a fan of the….wings?

Actually, she explained her love for Hooters in Harper’s Bazaar,

“When I was seven, my dad would go to Hooters to watch Spurs games. But he started noticing that when I would come, with my little pigtails, all the waitresses would be like, ‘Hey!’ So he ended up half spending time with me but with all those cute girls coming over.”

Damn, what a pimp! Using his own daughter to pick up trashy looking chicks at Hooters. It’s one thing to use a cute puppy to pick up chicks, but your own daughter? That’s a real man right there.

He was taking a real risk by taking her to Hooters so often though. She could have easily ended up being a waitress for the joint. Just in case you are wondering what she would look like in a Hooters outfit, we went ahead and put her face on a waitress. We have clearly mastered photoshop.


That Justin Bieber is one lucky little prick, huh?