Simon Cowell Pressuring Lauren Silverman to Settle

Simon Cowell really hates all this negative attention and he wants to put an end to it as fast as he possibly can. Sources who are close to the divorce case between Andrew Silverman and Lauren Silverman told TMZ that Simon Cowell is pressuring Lauren to settle in the divorce.

The longer this nasty divorce battle goes on, the longer Simon Cowell’s name is in the tabloids. Simon doesn’t mind being known as the “jerk” on television, but he doesn’t want people thinking he’s some homewrecker.

Simon has apparently informed Lauren that any money she gets out of Andrew would be “minimal” because of their prenup. He’s allegedly told her that all the real cash will be coming out of his deep pockets.

Lauren is apprehensive about settling because she is still in a battle for custody of her 7-year-old son she shares with Andrew. She fears that if she doesn’t put up a fight, she might lose custody of her son and she doesn’t want to take that chance. However, as we all know, Simon is very persuasive and if he wants something, he usually gets it.

We’ll see what happens. I have a feeling this thing will get a lot worse before it gets better. You can’t just f–k your best friend’s wife and act like it never happened. I mean, Simon broke some very serious bro laws with that act of douchebaggery.

He should get at least 15-20 years in bro jail, but I’d be willing to reduce his sentence due to the amount of hair he has on his chest.