Are you a legend? Heineken’s Newest Campaign “Dropped” Aims To find out.

This post brought to you by Heineken. All opinions are 100% mine.

Heineken has put everyday people up to the challenge to see what they are truly made of.

In a challenge that Heineken has adequately named, “Dropped Departure Roulette”, the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand aims to see if ordinary people have what it takes to strive in extra-ordinary situations.

Imagine that you are at the airport about to board a flight. If you are like me, that means your on-the-ground plans when you reach your destination are all well thought out.  This will include  hotel reservations, rental car booking, dinner plans all made weeks in advance.  Instead of following your carefully planned itinerary, would you dare to drop all your plans for a free trip?  The catch is, you have to leave right there, right now and you have to agree to these terms before you even know the destination.  This is stuff that Legends are made of.

This is the challenge that Heineken actually set up at a real airport.  Putting average travelers up to the test and surprisingly enough there were actually people who did it!  They ended up with some crazy destinations but they took the challenge head on!

Watch the clip, these are real people in a real airport.  Would you be up to this challenge?

Heineken has since expanded this campaign taking the adventure a step further and with that offers everyone the chance to have an adventure of their own.

They created a Youtube channel and a crazy series of documentary style videos where they take average Joe’s like you and I and literally drop them in crazy destinations around the world.  These guys will have to use their everyday swag to get them through situations and challenges that are way outside of their comfort zones.

Each traveler has a series of three video diary entries that recounts their journey.  The entire experience is completely unscripted  and the results are hilariously entertaining.  Check out the trailer…

Heineken Dropped

You and I can join in the fun. When you buy special packs of Heineken, you will have a code that will let you play along online.  Each online player will have a chance to win a an adrenaline filled travel experience of their own.

You can watch all of the Dropped Voyages on Heineken’s Youtube Channel called Heineken TV videos.  Also, “like” Heineken on Facebook for brand updates and more crazy viral marketing.



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